Polycarbonate is environmental material saving and storing energy. Polycarbonate's wide variety of structures allows architects to offer the most objective recommendations for .design

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Polycarbonate: Solid, Multiwall, Corrugated, Diffusion, Antistatic, Hard Coating,... Other engineering plastic: PMMA, ABS, PA, POM, HDPE,...

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Many aluminum profiles meet many requirements for load-bearing capacity, weather, etc., according to each work item. Screws, glue, etc. are specialized accessories for PC, suitable for the chemical and physical properties of the sheet

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Advertisement application: Signboards, Office lightings, Store Displays, Channel letters, Household LED luminations,
In addition to, PC use for interior exteriore decorration,...

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Industry application: Antistatic sheet, Hard-Coating, Anti-fogging, Heatcut,...
Application for: Semiconductor industry, Electronic industry, Machanical, Food industry(FDA certificate),....

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In order to optimize the performance of the panels for each project, we understand that the compatible combination of main materials and accessories will bring the effects of space, time and function to meet the needs of customers. desired by the user.

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Polycarbonate sheet

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