Becoming as a leading company specializing in design and construction of GREEN buildings on Polycarbonate materials and other plastics.
Becoming the top expertise in Polycarbonate sheet and other plastics, applied in GREEN Architecture and engineering plastics in many industries, such as: Construction, Mechanical, Electricity & Electronics, Advertising, Aviation, Security, Agriculture, ...
Our mission is to offer practical solutions, optimization material applied. Bringing harmonious spaces which are effective, efficient and comfortable for our customers.
We aim towards the environmental friendly and GREEN construction. With the priority for quality life and growth friendly with nature, we always prioritize GREEN solution for each project.
We believe that our success, we archived when we create trust and bring practical value to our customers.
 We have
Proud to provide quality Polycarbonate products and green solutions.
Always research and develop for more accessories and construction methods to provide for many sophisticated projects.
Engineering Team has many years of experience in polycarbonate plastic.
Our team are always willing to give technical consultants, designing drawings, engineering technics with experienced and enthusiastic.
We are providing customers with completed package solutions from material to finished projects.
Our operations
Design – Construction: All kind of works related Polycarbonate sheet for: Canopy, Partition, Façade, Window, Factory, Roof for train station, Metro, Airport, Ship (or Boat),…
Fabrication: Forming, Cutting by CNC,..
Industry, Electricity – Electronic: We provide many engineering plastic, such as: Antistatic(ESD), Hard Coating, Anti-fog, PC Film,..

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