Polycarbonate interior solutions with superior light and visual appearance



Polycarbonate interior systems enable designers to investigate unused stylish conceivable outcomes, making progressive spaces changed by light.

Polycarbonate system brightens a multitude of internal surfaces: walls, partitions and interior ceilings can ended up brilliant sculptural components to make a special vibe. Utilize your imagination to maximize the visual potential of normal or manufactured light with polycarbonate interior systems



  • ​Wide range of colors and textures

  • Unlimited design flexibility

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to install

  • Allows for both open and intimate spaces

Walls and partitions

Inside spaces can be brought to life with polycarbonate systems. Its clean lines, colored boards and lighting impacts bring a feeling of openness and luminance to any insides setting.

Multiwall polycarbonate panels thick 8 mm - White opal for meeting room


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